About Us


Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century is India’s well-known institute preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all the three levels- Preliminary Test, Main Examination and Personality Test. The institute was founded by Dr.Krishna Pradeep in 2003, Initially the Institute was dedicated to teaching Public Administration Subject at Preliminary Level and Mains Level. Later, In a Bid to expand, we instigated CSAT General Studies .

Since its inception, the institute has helped over 200 students to enter the Civil Services including IAS, IPS, IRS and other Central Services. Within no time, the institute has achieved good results and progressively improving the results including the 13th Rank in 2010-11 Civil Services examination. The institute has quickly gained the confidence and trust of the students preparing for civil services. Our students are not only from Andhra Pradesh, we also have alumni from the other South Indian States like- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala and also from North East states like Manipur.

Crack IAS in the first attempt

IAS is a dream for many, a passion for some and a way of change for a few. It makes you a celebrity overnight and for a lifetime.

But many people do not know
What, Why, Where, Who, Why and How of Civil Services Exam i.e. the gateway to becoming IAS / IPS / IRS / IFS officer.

Civil Service exam is a common exam which gives you an opportunity to join any of the two All India Services (IAS/IPS) and 25 other Central Services (IRS/ IFS/ Railway Services) etc.

This exam makes you enter the executive services in the country. You will be posted in the policy making and execution posts. The posts may be ranging from District collector to Cabinet secretary and from a district SP to DGP of the state.

There are certain myths about the Civils preparation which prevents the candidate from preparing for the civil service exam.

The top 5 Myths & Realities about Civil Service Exam

Myths Reality
1. One need to be extraordinary intelligent to prepare for civil service exam 1. UPSC tests only general intelligence levels. The UPSC annual reports show that those who are getting selected are not extraordinary but only average persons
2. One has to prepare for at least 18 hours a day 2. No human being can read for 18 hours a day. Successful people generally prepared only for 6 to 8 hours a day with reasonable breaks that too in the year of exam. If you start preparation early, you may begin with 2 hours of preparation.
3. One has to have post graduation for the civil service preparation. 3. UPSC annual reports show, that 80% of the successful candidates are just graduates.
4. One has to be a rich person to prepare for IAS 4. It is not an eligibility criterion. 70% of the candidates who are cracking IAS are from middle class and poor family background.
5. It takes at least 3 attempts to crack Civil Services Exam. 5. It depends on how you prepared. The strategic preparation can help the candidates to crack IAS in the first attempt only. 21st Century IAs with its meticulously designed strategic preparation helped many to crack it in the first attempt.

Our Vision

  • KPIAS visualizes itself as a dominant player in the domain of State and Civil Services training across the country.
  • In near future, KPIAS envisages creating standard centers across the country.

Our Mission

  • Give valued services in the field of education and participate in different spheres of education at different stages.
  • To create an excellent competitive environment in the candidate who participate in the competitive exams by virtue of imparting qualitative education, with a consolidated strategy to produce proficient professionals.

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