History of Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS

Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century is India’s well-known institute preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all the three levels- Preliminary Test, Main Examination and Personality Test. The institute was founded by Dr.KrishnaPradeep in 2003, Initially the Institute was dedicated to teaching Public Administration Subject at Preliminary Level and Mains Level. Later, In a Bid to expand, we instigated CSAT General Studies .

Since its inception, the institute has helped over 200 students to enter the Civil Services including IAS, IPS, IRS and other Central Services. Within no time, the institute has achieved good results and progressively improving the results including the 13th Rank in 2010-11 Civil Services examination. The institute has quickly gained the confidence and trust of the students preparing for civil services. Our students are not only from Andhra Pradesh, we also have alumni from the other South Indian States like- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala and also from North East states like Manipur.


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